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If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Continuing an artful dodge of accountable campaigning, the National Liberation Party's Johnny Araya planned a “thank you” tour to meet and embrace supporters. He had to cancel when critics pointed out that traveling the country, meeting with party regulars and thanking them for their support sounded vaguely like what political scientists call a campaign.

Conservative in Salvadoran vote demands fresh polls as political divisions intensify

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – The conservative candidate in El Salvador's tight presidential runoff, in which no winner has been declared, on Tuesday demanded a new vote be held.

UPDATE: El Salvador ex-guerrilla in presidential vote runoff, narrowly misses victory

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – A former leftist guerrilla narrowly missed victory in El Salvador's presidency race Sunday, and will now face a runoff vote with a conservative rival, according to official results.

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