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Route 1856

Prosecutor’s Office to charge 26 people for failed border road project

Costa Rica’s General Prosecutor Jorge Chavarría Guzmán said shoddy work on the failed project caused economic losses for the country of some ₡1.2 billion ($2 million).

Chief prosecutor pledges indictments in border road scandal by year end

Costa Rica’s General Prosecutor Jorge Chavarría Guzmán said he is almost ready to file charges for corruption in the failed construction of a road along the border with Nicaragua.

Nicaragua government praises ‘balanced’ ruling in border dispute with Costa Rica

Media outlets in Nicaragua on Wednesday reported about the International Court of Justice ruling mostly by citing Nicaraguan representative at The Hague Carlos Argüello, who avoided calling the justices' final rulings negative for his country and instead referred to them as “balanced.”

The Hague Court: Territory disputed with Nicaragua belongs to Costa Rica

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague gave its final ruling Wednesday in Costa Rica's long-running border dispute with Nicaragua. Here's what the court found.

International Court of Justice to rule on Costa Rica-Nicaragua border dispute on Dec. 16

The Hague-based International Court of Justice on Friday reported that it will issue a final ruling Dec. 16 on the joined cases raised by Costa Rica and Nicaragua over a series of disputes along the two countries' border.

Damaged wetlands recovering along Costa Rica-Nicaragua border

Costa Rican officials reported Monday that wetlands near the Nicaraguan border are recovering after suffering damages from dredging work carried out by Nicaragua in disputed territory.

Costa Rica asks international court to prevent further occupations from Nicaragua

Costa Rica's lawyers at The Hague said that Nicaragua had changed its position on numerous occasions throughout the case.

At The Hague: Nicaragua says Costa Rica’s border road dumps “massive amounts of sediment” into San Juan River

Experts for Nicaragua said the amount of sediment varies between 190,000 and 250,000 tons per year, and that the sediment is reducing the depth of the river in a perpetual process that modifies its geography and makes navigation increasingly difficult.

Costa Rica, Nicaragua enter final hearings at The Hague in border dispute

Closing arguments are scheduled to last until May 1. A ruling could come later this year.

A key week for Costa Rica in border dispute with Nicaragua

Costa Rican officials on Monday appeared before The Hague-based International Court of Justice to file a final written response in the ongoing territorial dispute with Nicaragua, the Foreign Ministry confirmed.

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