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roadway safety

Traffic Police promise vigilance during Easter Holy Week

Easter Holy Week, from March 28 to April 3, is among the busiest travel weeks of the year for Costa Ricans.

Traffic Police launches surveillance operation for mid-year school vacations

Between July 3 - 14 motorists will not have to comply with the traffic restriction that prohibits vehicles from entering downtown San José on one weekday, according to the last digit of their license plate number.

Road safety in Costa Rica: the law of the jungle must rule no more

Chepecletas director Roberto Guzmán shares his hopes for a change on Costa Rica's streets: a change he says must come from all of us.

La falta de respeto por la vida en Costa Rica: necesitamos un cambio

Roberto Guzmán, director de Chepecletas, comparte sus esperanzas para un cambio de cultura en nuestras calles: un cambio que debe venir de cada uno de nosotros.

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