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7 things to consider before retiring abroad

Retiring overseas can be both more enticing and and more affordable – depending on the locale – than retiring in the United States. But a smooth transition requires careful planning. Here are some of factors to think about before you sell your belongings and buy a one-way plane ticket.

Costa Rica to reach population of 5 million by 2018

Costa Rica will reach a population of 5 million by 2018, according to estimates from the National Statistics and Census Institute (INEC). INEC and Casa Presidencial warned that there are some growing pains ahead for the country as it approaches.

US retiree dies in Guanacaste surfing accident after wave knocks him into rock

A U.S. retiree died in a surfing accident on Costa Rica's northwestern Pacific coast on Friday morning. Randy Giambalvo, 61, was surfing at Playa Avellanas in Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, when he struck his head on a rock and died.

Female Alzheimer’s researchers band together

Women arguably have been hit hardest by Alzheimer's disease: Two-thirds of those with the dementia-causing disease are women, and women serve more often than men as their caregivers.

Are you a Gringo?

Is it a stand-in for ugly American? A warmhearted nickname? A slanderous sobriquet? There are few things expats come across here that can set off such impassioned debates over the word's weight.

US group to open hospital focused on attracting medical tourists

Arizona-based company American World Clinics confirmed the construction of a $150 million private hospital in Alajuela that will offer health care services to foreign retirees and medical tourists.

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