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Costa Rica makes nuclear fusion history with plasma discharge

Researchers at the Technology Institute of Costa Rica (TEC) announced the first discharge of high temperature plasma in Latin America on Wednesday, joining an elite group of countries who have made advances in harnessing nuclear fusion to produce clean energy.

Kiva, Viogaz offer microloans for biodigesters in rural Costa Rica

What if you could make your own clean-burning fuel in the campo? San Francisco-based microfinance firm Kiva is partnering with Costa Rica’s Viogaz to offer loans for biodigesters in rural Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s electricity mostly from renewable sources in 2016

ICE president Carlos Manuel Obregón said the strategic location of the country's reservoirs allows it to maximize rainfall collection, mostly from the highlands and the Caribbean region.

Homes, businesses that produce renewable energy can now store it in the grid

Costa Rican homes and businesses that generate electricity through solar and other renewable sources can store surplus in the grid starting Friday.

Reventazón, Central America’s biggest hydroelectric project, goes online

The first of the Reventazón dam’s five turbines went online this week. When the dam is fully operational, it will produce enough power for an estimated 525,000 homes.

Costa Rica moves forward on distributed generation with net metering to start in April

Hoping to install solar panels in your home to help you save on your electricity bill? Costa Rica just took a major step forward by establishing the price structure for net metering for distributed generation, opening the door to a potential solar boom.

Costa Rica honored at Paris climate talks with message on Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower sported a quintessential Tico phrase on Monday night, and nodded to the country's green energy success.

A Paris climate change talks primer for Costa Rica

In anticipation of the 195-nation climate talks that start Monday, The Tico Times offers this short primer and guide to our previously-published climate change stories so that you can read up before the conference starts.

Costa Rica boasts clean energy — and bad car pollution

With an electricity grid supplied by hydroelectric dams across rivers, from the heat of its numerous volcanoes, and from wind and the sun, the small Central American nation expects 97 percent of its energy generation to come from renewable sources this year.

Deadline approaching for Costa Rica to set distributed generation fees

Bright sunshine isn’t anything new to Costa Rica, but broad, consumer-based distributed generation solar power soon will be, following the recent publication of an executive decree on the issue.

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