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Costa Rica opens the door to more renewable energy generation

Small-scale energy production, such as solar panels, saw a regulatory hurdle removed that could help combat late-dry season energy rationing and reduce the country’s reliance on petroleum. The country’s electricity regulator, the Public Services Regulatory Authority, announced a series of changes on Wednesday.

Costa Rica to build 3 geothermal electricity plants with Japanese funding

A $560 million loan over the next 40 years will hopefully bring Costa Rica closer to its goal to generate 95 percent of its electricity with renewable resources.

ICE chief promises compromise on geothermal energy in national parks

Lawmaker José María Villalta, a member of the legislative Energy and Environment Commission, called for a national discussion on the geothermal energy issue.

Costa Rica’s Guanacaste Conservation Area favors environmentally sensitive geothermal project

National park conservation advocates say there is middle ground on geothermal production. But will Costa Rica's Electricity Institute compromise?

Energy project puts national parks in danger, parks founder says

A row is developing between environmental activists and government officials over Costa Rica’s future.

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