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Public sector protest

Costa Rica’s Solís denies secret agreement with unions on Monday’s strike

Costa Rica's President Luis Guillermo Solís on Wednesday denied that he or anyone else from his administration had previously reached an agreement with public unions over a national strike held last Monday.

Underwhelming Costa Rica strike mostly affects health service access

The call for a nationwide strike by public workers’ unions on Monday had only moderate support. But it did lead to the cancellation of at least 86 surgeries at three hospitals.

Public worker unions announce strike in October, threaten media

Leaders from Costa Rica's largest public employee unions said they will go on strike to defend public employees and their rights.

Public workers threaten general strike if lawmakers approve bill reducing pay

Unions leaders are threatening to call a general strike in late September or early October if lawmakers move forward with a bill that would eliminate public worker bonuses and cash incentives.

Public employees, porteadores to demonstrate in Costa Rica’s capital

Classes will be suspended at 95 public schools across the country and public hospitals only will attend emergencies and lab tests. Porteadores, or private chauffeurs, will also protest starting at 8 a.m.

Costa Rican lawmakers go to battle against President Solís’ reversal of labor reform veto

A group of 21 lawmakers from five parties on Friday morning filed a complaint with the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, challenging the constitutionality of President Luis Guillermo Solís' decision to lift a veto on a bill proposing reforms to the country’s Labor Procedures Law.

President Solís signs decree banning strikes in essential services

President Luis Guillermo Solís signed an executive decree Thursday that reiterates his government’s pledge to maintain essential services, including police and hospitals, and establish protocols to guarantee that these and other public services are not interrupted by labor disputes.

President Solís lifts veto on Labor Procedures Bill, promises to ban strikes in essential public services

President Luis Guillermo Solís announced his decision to lift the veto on the controversial “Reforms of Labor Procedures Bill,” which would extend the right to strike to public-sector workers from hospitals, police and other services, during a ceremony at Casa Presidencial Friday morning.

For Solís, next key issue is striking workers in essential public services

Just days after battling to pass the 2015 national budget, President Luis Guillermo Solís now faces another challenge over whether to archive or reactivate a bill that would extend the right to strike to public-sector workers from hospitals, police and other services.

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