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Costa Rica Legalizes Medical Marijuana and Hemp

Just hours after the National Assembly approved a bill legalizing medical marijuana and hemp, Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado signed the bill into law....

Costa Rica approves bill that allows the cultivation of Cannabis

With the support of 29 deputies, the bill that allows the cultivation of cannabis was approved. The initiative intends to regulate and allow the...

Medical Cannabis in Costa Rica: A controversial alternative awaiting legalization

Mateo Amador, a seven-year-old Costa Rican boy with cerebral palsy, suffered daily epileptic episodes until he started consuming cannabis oil, says his father, who...

Lawmakers in Costa Rica ask government to speed up medical cannabis debate

Costa Rica has said it supports hemp production, but has expressed reservations with cannabis, claiming it would need to create mechanisms to prevent its recreational use.

Costa Rica seeks path to legalize medical marijuana

Costa Rica could tap into a market worth billions of dollars by legalizing hemp and medical marijuana.

Uruguay plan to sell pot at pharmacies slammed

Uruguayan pharmacies on Thursday criticized the government's plan to allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use in their stores.

Pot popsicle lands high (school) student in hospital 

Police reportedly called the girl’s parents and issued a public call for students to avoid anything handed to them in the street (like strange frozen things in plastic bags).

Medical marijuana proposal in Costa Rica gets Health Ministry review

Medical marijuana would only be approved as a "last resort” treatment after all other options have been exhausted, the ministry said.

Marijuana activists push legalization of medical cannabis in Costa Rica

Latin American countries have been slow to follow Uruguay's lead in legalizing pot. A 2014 survey in Costa Rica found that 53 percent of the population supported the use of medical marijuana.

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