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How Container Plants in Costa Rica Beautify the Home Naturally

When I think about potted plants, a fond memory comes to mind from the days when I first arrived in Costa Rica. I was...

How to get Rid of Garden Pests – Naturally

HOME GARDENING: Gardening columnist Ed Bernhardt shares two newfound solutions to dry-season bugs: homemade sticky traps and insect spray.

New Plant Species Discovered in Cerro Chirripo Costa Rica

A new species of plant has been discovered recently in a remote part of Costa Rica high in the mountains. Gentiana bicentenaria is the...

What plants are good for gifts?

A living gift is a great alternative to the typical chocolates and fruit cakes. Nurseries around the country are stocked with a wide selection...

Plants in Costa Rica that may support diabetes treatment

Columnist Ed Bernhardt takes a look at common plants that can reduce blood sugar.

10 Benefits of Natural Aloe Vera: A Tropical Wonder Plant

Home Gardening: Check some of the exceptional healing properties of aloe.

Bathing with vegetables: The Luffa gourd

With a few deft carvings with a knife, you can have an incredibly satisfying and exfoliating sponge for your shower.

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