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‘Pandora Papers’ expose leaders’ offshore millions

The Pandora Papers are the latest in a series of ICIJ leaks of financial documents, from LuxLeaks to the Panama Papers.

Costa Rican computer engineer awarded a Pulitzer Prize

He was responsible for the data transformation of the flat Offshore Leaks database into an interactive web application which allowed journalists explore data for the investigation.

Finance Ministry investigation finds 120 companies, corporations linked to Panama Papers

The Finance Ministry investigation has fully identified a total of 69 local companies and corporations with links to cases listed in the Panama Papers. The remaining 51 are still under investigation.

Panama Papers scandal cracks open window for Costa Rica tax reform

The widespread scandal over the offshore dealings of individuals and firms revealed in the so-called "Panama Papers" may offer a window for the administration of Luis Guillermo Solís to push through at least some of its proposed fiscal reforms.

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