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Lawmakers approve 2016 national budget at ₡8 trillion

The votes of a majority of lawmakers from opposition parties on Thursday evening granted the government of President Luis Guillermo Solís the approval of its budget proposal for next year without any cuts and amid any incidents at the Legislative Assembly.

Medical marijuana proposal in Costa Rica gets Health Ministry review

Medical marijuana would only be approved as a "last resort” treatment after all other options have been exhausted, the ministry said.

Less-than-impressive: It’s been a year of few achievements by Costa Rica’s Legislative Assembly

In one year, a fragmented Legislative Assembly formed by lawmakers from nine parties passed only 47 bills – of which only a few were of substance.

Social Security System president denies Caja approved medicinal marijuana in Costa Rica

However, a bill to legalize medicinal marijuana could be discussed and voted on in the Legislative Assembly as early as next month.

Hitler reference stirs up Legislative Assembly session

Lawmaker Ottón Solís, the founder of the ruling Citizen Action Party (PAC), on Wednesday evening apologized to former President Óscar Arias for a remark he made referencing Adolf Hitler, following Arias’ announcement of a proposal to reduce the country’s fiscal deficit.

President of ruling Citizen Action Party steps down after just two months

Rodrigo Alberto Carazo Zeledón filed his resignation as president of the ruling Citizen Action Party on Wednesday evening, citing health and personal reasons.

How much money did members of Solís’ Cabinet donate to the PAC election campaign?

On Monday, President-elect Luis Guillermo Solís named 20 of his incoming head ministers, 11 of whom had contributed to his party’s election campaign. But none of them donated very much money.

Election Irregularities Alleged

Ballots left behind in polling places, voters impeded from casting their vote and hasty and imperfect counting are among the hundreds of complaints filed...

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