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Ottón Solís

Two members of Costa Rica’s ruling party convicted of fraud

Judges also found the party liable in the fraud charges and ordered that it pay almost ₡600 million ($1 million) to the Supreme Elections Tribunal for the damage caused.

Hitler reference stirs up Legislative Assembly session

Lawmaker Ottón Solís, the founder of the ruling Citizen Action Party (PAC), on Wednesday evening apologized to former President Óscar Arias for a remark he made referencing Adolf Hitler, following Arias’ announcement of a proposal to reduce the country’s fiscal deficit.

Costa Rica’s Solís defends spy agency as lawmakers look to abolish it

Libertarian Movement Party lawmaker and former presidential hopeful Otto Guevara has presented a bill to abolish Costa Rica's Department of Intelligence and Security, and President Luis Guillermo Solís' pick to head the agency has drawn criticism.

The Tico Times to publish live election results starting at 8 p.m.

We will provide graphical election results by province and municipality, as the first results come in at 8 p.m.

In last presidential elections, polls overestimated Libertarian Guevara’s support and underestimated PAC’s

[INTERACTIVE GRAPHIC] Explore how pollsters in Costa Rica stacked up during President Laura Chinchilla's election in 2010.

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