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No Sugar Please

The conversation Costa Rica should be having this election year

The 2018 elections should open the door for some much-needed conversations in Costa Rica. Is this likely? No, but Alvaro Murillo won't give up hope.

An honest assessment of President Monge: ‘neutrality, but not too much’

With the death of former President Luis Alberto Monge on Nov. 29, it was necessary to take a look back at our historical record...

Hurricane Otto: Two myths swept aside in a single night

"Costa Rica is much more than the Central Valley and the regions that the Central Valley decides to watch in any given situation. Costa Rica lost its undefeated record in hurricanes, on one of its neglected flanks."

Make Costa Rica great again?

The Tico Times is proud to present this new column from Álvaro Murillo, an experienced journalist who specializes in political coverage and has written...

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