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Nicaragua immigration

Costa Rica: Central America’s green pin-up

Costa Rica, which elects a new president on Sunday, is a small country thriving on ecotourism. Its neutrality, strong democracy and political stability have...

Relatives of opponents imprisoned in Nicaragua say mistreatment persists

Ortega, 75, in power since 2007, is seeking his fourth consecutive term, with no rivals to put his reelection at risk.

Crisis in Nicaragua causes migration spike

The largest exodus in recent decades between Nicaragua and the United States reached a peak in July.

Costa Rica, Nicaragua renew migrant labor agreement

Costa Rica and Nicaragua renewed the binational agreement that allows the temporary entry of Nicaraguan workers to Costa Rica.

Nicaraguan opposition activist shot, critically wounded in Costa Rica

The leader of a group of opposition Nicaraguan exiles was shot and critically wounded in Costa Rica, family members and campaigners said.

Costa Rica receives spike in Nicaraguan refugee applications

Costa Rica received 5,379 refugee requests by Nicaraguans in July 2021, according to a report from Reuters, which cited data from the Immigration Administration (DGME).

Nicaragua accuses Costa Rica of ‘interference in internal affairs’

The United Nations has commended Costa Rica for its support of Nicaraguan migrants.

Costa Rica, UN announce insurance benefits for more migrants

Costa Rica and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced Thursday an agreement that will provide health insurance to 10,000 refugees by the end of the year. 

Nicaraguans in Costa Rica ask UNHCR for support

The UNHCR office in San José said that the Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated conditions of vulnerability.

Costa Rica will offer ‘safe entry’ to Nicaraguans seeking asylum

Costa Rica will try to improve protections for thousands of Nicaraguans who request asylum or refuge in the country through an initiative supported by the UN and the European Union.

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