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Managua airport resumes flights after coronavirus closure

Managua's international airport on Saturday received its first commercial flight almost six months after airlines suspended routes as a precaution during the Covid-19 pandemic, local media reported.

Nicaraguan government cracks down on doctors, thousands hit the streets

Thousands marched Saturday against President Daniel Ortega's government and his crackdown against doctors who treated injured protestors that Ortega calls terrorists.

Two dead in Nicaragua protest violence as Ortega calls for ‘peace’

Nicaraguan forces on Friday attacked a university in Managua and a neighborhood in opposition bastion Masaya, killing two in the latest violence to convulse...

Shopping In Managua can save you money but may cost you time if you don’t read this

Shopping in Managua, Nicaragua, to stretch dollars and get away from Tamarindo for the weekend, my wife and I were in for an adventure.

Nature Air promotes new Nicaragua flights with whirlwind tour

Costa Rica airline Nature Air, promoting its new flights and planes, hosts 14 journalists on a 16-hour junket to Nicaragua. Hilarity ensues.

‘Trees of Life’: Nicaragua capital transformed into first lady’s new-age vision

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – As we veered onto the highway from the dark Managua side streets, my taxi suddenly filled with blinding light. The blatant glare came from both sides of the road where rows of massive lightbulb-covered yellow trees towered above. Ahead, a crew worked beneath a floodlight, pounding another tree into place.

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