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New government lionfish commission to take on invasive species

A new commission will provide government support for the removal of invasive lionfish in the Caribbean.

Costa Rica is officially going after the lionfish

The Southern Caribbean Artisanal Fishermen's Association on Monday presented officials from the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry a plan to reduce the population of lionfish (Pterois), an invasive species that threatens Costa Rica’s fish and shellfish populations.

The lionfish hunters

A group of Caribbean fishermen fight off an invasion of foreign lionfish with spears, nets and delicious food.

Costa Rica battles invasive species with lionfish consumption campaign

Deep-fried lionfish may become the new dish du jour in Costa Rica's Caribbean region thanks to a new government campaign intended to reduce the invasive species' population.

Lionfish Plague Caribbean Reefs

About a year ago, a graceful, striped and spiny fish, the lionfish, was first spotted in Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean waters. That was the...

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