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Costa Rica Tourism Institute starts Website for Digital Nomads

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) developed a specialized microsite for digital nomads within the Visit Costa Rica website . The specific information for...

Costa Rica Legalizes Medical Marijuana and Hemp

Just hours after the National Assembly approved a bill legalizing medical marijuana and hemp, Costa Rica President Carlos Alvarado signed the bill into law....

President of Costa Rica Partially Veto’s Medical Cannabis Bill

President Alvarado formally announced what many people had already expected, when he partially vetoed the bill that would legalize the trade and cultivation of...

Costa Rica approves bill that allows the cultivation of Cannabis

With the support of 29 deputies, the bill that allows the cultivation of cannabis was approved. The initiative intends to regulate and allow the...

Moving or Investing in Costa Rica? Here is what you need to know

Natural beauties, tropical climate, beautiful beaches, jungles full of exotic flora and fauna, volcanoes, social peace, stable democracy, country without an army, 6% of...

Costa Rica to ban vaping in public

Costa Rican lawmakers this week approved in a second debate a bill that will the use of ban vaping devices and electronic cigarettes in...

Monteverde is Costa Rica’s newest canton

Monteverde has become Costa Rica’s 83rd and newest canton after lawmakers voted in favor of the designation.

Costa Rica celebrates Children’s Day with steps to protect kids

Costa Rica celebrated Children's Day with new resources meant to help the country’s kids.

Costa Rican government fighting misinformation about abortion norms

Therapeutic abortions have been permitted by Costa Rican law for almost five decades in instances when the pregnancy threatens the life of the pregnant woman.

Morning-after pill can now be sold without a prescription in Costa Rica

Legalization of the morning-after pill as an accessible emergency contraceptive has been years in the making for Costa Rica. 

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