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Latin American democratic development

Economist Intelligence Unit: Costa Rica and Uruguay are the only ‘full’ democracies in Latin America

An investigation by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) concluded that in Latin America, only Uruguay and Costa Rica ranked in the region’s "full democracies" category, described as when countries respect civil liberties and representative governance.

Costa Rican lawmakers approve 35 bills in first 6 months of term, but few are substantive

Ever wonder what Costa Rican lawmakers actually accomplish? Here's a look at the first six months of the current Legislative Assembly, a data analysis project aimed at promoting public access to information, brought to you by Ojo al Voto.

Former Central American diplomats warn of regional ‘challenges to democracy’

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Authoritarianism is gradually making a comeback throughout the hemisphere in the form of dictatorial regimes that “took root under the guise of rule of law,” three Central America experts warned at a panel Thursday in Washington.

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