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Costa Rica passes law to implement telecommuting

The government says telecommuting presents several benefits.

Labor Ministry receives 147 complaints over Christmas bonuses

A total of 147 workers this week filed Labor Ministry claims against employers over problems with Christmas bonuses, known in Costa Rica as aguinaldos. According to Costa Rica labor laws, the deadline for aguinaldo payments was Dec. 20.

Costa Rica Supreme Court strikes down labor reform law, upholding ban on strikes that shut down essential public services

Business leaders celebrated a court decision Friday that they say guarantees Costa Rica's public hospitals, ports and electricity grid will continue to function even if public sector workers are involved in a labor dispute.

In Costa Rica, the top targets of sexual harassment complaints in the public sector are doctors, teachers and cops

According to the Ombudsman's Office, the number of complaints at public agencies increased from 82 in 2008 to 276 in 2011. The top targets of those complaints were doctors, teachers and police at the Social Security System, Education Ministry and Public Security Ministry, respectively.

Costa Rica’s major league concern

Two weeks after the end of the World Series, The Tico Times looks at the Costa Rican factory in Turrialba where MLB baseballs are made.

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