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Justo Orozco

Plaintiff in sexual assault case against Costa Rica ex-lawmaker Justo Orozco rejects out-of-court settlement

Self-described moral crusader and outspoken advocate of "traditional family values" Justo Orozco faces up to six years in prison if convicted of aggravated sexual assault, and three more years if convicted of holding the alleged victim against her will.

Costa Rican ex-lawmaker Justo Orozco faces another criminal complaint for alleged sexual abuse

The Prosecutor's Office on Thursday confirmed that a second woman has filed a criminal complaint alleging sexual abuse by former Costa Rican Renovation Party lawmaker Justo Orozco Álvarez. The complaint was filed early Wednesday morning over an incident that allegedly occurred on Tuesday, the same day Orozco was arrested on sexual abuse charges filed by a different victim.

Costa Rica ex-lawmaker and anti-gay evangelical Justo Orozco arrested on alleged sexual abuse charges

Former evangelical legislator Justo Orozco Álvarez was arrested on charges of alleged sexual abuse and deprivation of liberty against a woman who thought she was going for a job interview.

So unfair! Justo and colleagues won’t be getting fancy lawmaker pensions

The Board of Directors of the National Teachers’ Pension Fund (JUPEMA) on Friday rejected a request by four former lawmakers to have their pensions boosted to that of a legislator, instead of much lower pensions as teachers.

4 lawmakers attempt to boost their teachers’ pensions by calculating them based on higher Assembly salaries

Costa Rica’s High School Teachers' Association on Wednesday said that four lawmakers, who previously worked as educators, filed applications to increase their pensions by taking into account their salaries as legislators rather than wages they earned as teachers.

Prosecutors raid Costa Rica lawmaker Justo Orozco’s office in ongoing probe

The Penal Branch of the Supreme Court ordered the raid as part of investigations into allegations that the evangelical lawmaker used his public office to conduct private business.

Costa Rica’s Notary Administration investigates lawmaker Justo Orozco

Orozco could face a suspension of his notary license for up to one month.

Costa Rican legislature accidentally passes gay marriage legalization

The measure would require the president's signature to become law.

Evangelical lawmaker Justo Orozco to preside over commission studying IVF bill

The religious extremist said he will oppose an IVF bill, despite an order by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Lawmaker Justo Orozco: ‘We will respect court ruling’ on in vitro fertilization

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights is expected to rule on Costa Rica’s ban on in vitro fertilization this week.

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