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Juan Santamaría Day

Costa Rica Patriotism Abroad: Loving One Culture While Embracing Another

I feel abysmally distant from that 7-year-old baton twirler who sang about Juan Santamaría’s “vengeful torch” lighting up a roaring fire and “flying for the homeland, smiling, towards death.”

5 (debated) things about Costa Rica’s National Hero Juan Santamaría?

Some historians and sociologists say the original construction of the Juan Santamaría myth was, well, convenient.

Life in Juan Santamaría’s Costa Rica: A look back

As the country celebrates Juan Santamaría Day, columnist Mitzi Stark takes a look at the Costa Rica of 1856.

Costa Rica celebrates Juan Santamaría Day

Costa Rica, lacking an army since 1948, doesn’t have many war heroes.

Why May 1 is much more than Labor Day for Costa Rica’s government

What happens on Labor Day in Costa Rica? A lot more than marches and bbq. Read our primer.

What is Juan Santamaría Day?

Since dismantling its army in 1948, Costa Rica has been lacking in war heroes. Juan Santamaría, a poor drummer boy from Alajuela, is the only exception.

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