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Juan Guaidó

Venezuelan embassy reopens in Costa Rica

María Faria, the Venezuelan Ambassador to Costa Rica, announced this week that the South American country's embassy in San José has reopened.

Read: Int. Contact Group declarations on Venezuela following meeting in Costa Rica

The International Contact Group on Venezuela met in San José this week. Here's what they said.

Maduro exhorts Venezuela military to fight ‘any coup plotter;’ Costa Rica to host international meeting

The country has suffered five years of recession marked by shortages of basic necessities as well as failing public services, including water, electricity and transport.

Life in limbo: The uncertainty of Venezuelans without a valid passport in the U.S.

The Venezuelans stuck in legal limbo in the United States count the days for their uncertainty to be resolved.

Venezuela: three months of crisis

On Tuesday, Guaido claimed to have also secured the backing of Venezuelan soldiers, while the country's leftist government said an attempted coup was under way.

US-Venezuela relations in deep freeze

Hitting Venezuela with oil sanctions to undermine the Maduro regime, Washington's latest gambit could turn 20 years of frosty relations still icier.

Venezuela withdraws diplomatic credential from Costa Rican diplomat

Venezuela also warned that it reserves the possibility of applying other reciprocal measures "to compensate this unacceptable aggression against the personnel and premises of the diplomatic mission."

Contact Group pushes for progress on Venezuela impasse

The group includes eight European countries and four from Latin America, including Costa Rica.

US pushes Maduro’s envoys off international bodies

The beleaguered socialist leader has been boosted by overt support from main ally Russia.

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