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Italian mafia

Costa Rican drug traffickers connected to Italian mob plead guilty to shipping cocaine to the U.S.

Costa Rican investigators said the men built up the trafficking organization by sending shipments of cocaine in containers of pineapple, yuca, and other produce exports shipped on boats to numerous countries

Italian mafia ‘interested’ in drug trafficking in Costa Rica, says Interpol

Days after Costa Rican authorities arrested seven suspects in connection to an Italian cocaine-smuggling ring, Interpol officers say that mafia groups like the 'ndrangheta are looking to enter the crowded field of drug traffickers in Central America.

Costa Rica takes down more suspects in cocaine trafficking network run by Italian mafia

PITAL DE SAN CARLOS, Alajuela – A yucca packing company in the northern Costa Rican community of La Tabla de Pital de San Carlos and a pineapple processor in Chilamate de Sarapiquí were fronts for the Italian mafia to traffic cocaine to the United States and Europe, Costa Rican authorities announced Wednesday following several morning raids.

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