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Rodrigo Chaves announces 4 actions to reduce gas prices in Costa Rica

On Sunday, May 22, Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves announced, though a statement, his government will implement 4 concrete actions to lower fuel prices....

Costa Rica registers inflation of 0.29% in February

The accumulated inflation over the last 12 months reached 1.79%, below the target of 3% set by the Central Bank for this year.

Inflation in Costa Rica closed in 2019 at 1.52%, below the official target

This is the fifth consecutive year that the inflation index closes below the 3% target that the Central Bank has maintained in recent years.

Inflation in Costa Rica decreases due to falling fuel prices

Fuels had an important impact on the September price drop, with a 7% reduction in the price of gasoline and 2.35% in diesel.

Food, goods and services drive Costa Rica inflation

The groups that recorded the highest price increases were those of various goods and services (1.47%), and food and non-alcoholic beverages (0.86%).

Rent hikes capped, indexed to inflation under bill approved by lawmakers

The Legislative Assembly approved a bill that limits annual increases in rent to the inflation rate, and sets a cap of 10 percent, with possible exceptions.

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