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Biodiverse Costa Rica announces policy to protect fragile ecosystems

Costa Rica marked World Biodiversity Day Friday with a national policy that aims to protect the country’s world famous wildlife and ecosystems. The policy rollout took place at the National Museum, where a small selection of the National Biodiversity Institute's (INBio) specimen collection was on display.

What’s hairy, eight-legged, and under glass?

In one INBio classroom, I surveyed the jars of specimens – pickled frogs and insects – that lined the walls. Giant moths shared table space with a spider under glass. Seeing them arranged together, I can get choked up over the range of nature’s expression.

Costa Rica’s INBioparque to remain open

Three ministries will take over the administration and the almost ₡100 million ($188,000) monthly expenses to keep the INBioparque open.

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