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illegal fishing

Fishermen threaten Costa Rica Coast Guard officers who confiscated illegal nets

The suspects likely will face criminal charges for threatening officers, and they could lose subsidies from the Mixed Institute for Social Aid.

Drones could help spot illegal fishing around Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

Conservationists hope unmanned aerial vehicles can help fight illegal fishing in Costa Rica's Cocos Island National Park. Similar drones have been used in South Africa to fight rhino poaching in national parks there.

American Airlines says it won’t ship shark fins anymore

The airline made the announcement via its Twitter account in response to several queries posed by users of the social media site. The Tico Times confirmed the announcement with the airline’s media office.

Conservation groups launch campaign to fund speedboat for patrolling Cocos Island

Campaign backers hope a speedboat will help park rangers better protect the island against illegal fishing. Donations can be made through text message, at banks and supermarkets, and at special collection events.

Tracking seafood ‘bait-to-plate’ to end global fraud and protect threatened stocks

Of wild-caught seafood that ends up in U.S. fish counters, as much as 32 percent of it is imported illegally, often by boats operating lights-out at night, hauling in tons of animals that will never be counted. The Obama administration's plan includes an ambitious system that aims to track every wild fish and crustacean from where it is caught to where it is shipped in the U.S.

Small-scale fishermen team up to better protect coastal, marine resources

The new plan unites into one group the 10 Costa Rican coastal towns that have special community-managed fishing zones. The group is called the National Network of Responsible Fishing Areas.

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio talks about illegal fishing in Costa Rica’s Cocos Island

DiCaprio highlighted the lack of enforcement in protected areas around the world, including his experience at Costa Rica's Cocos Island, in his remarks at the Our Oceans conference Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

Costa Rica to confront drug trafficking, illegal fishing with new radar system

PUERTO CALDERA, Puntarenas – Before departing on her epic, day-long boat ride to Costa Rica's far-flung ocean territory, Isla del Coco, President Laura Chinchilla stopped off at the Caldera Coast Guard base for the inauguration of the island's new radar system.

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