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President is safe after confrontation with protesters

Protesters confronted Carlos Alvarado as the Costa Rican president left the National Theater in San José on Wednesday morning.

Cats march through streets, rats scared, milk supply runs low

In a display of the movement’s continued momentum, tens of thousands of protesters once again shut down streets throughout Costa Rica’s capital Wednesday.

Dialogue to end the strike comes to a standstill

The dialogue between the government and public sector unions that aimed to end the general strike stalled this Monday. There were mutual accusations of intransigence between the parties, which are preparing to resume talks another day.

Costa Rica’s ongoing strike hits tourism industry hard

Tourists and the businesses that serve them have taken a hit.

Unions and government start talks to end strike

Representatives from the government and public-sector unions got together Wednesday in a preliminary meeting to seek an agreement to stop the general strike that has gripped the country since Sept. 10.

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