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UPDATE: Costa Rican police raid law offices in connection with €8.5 million fraud investigation

OIJ spokeswoman Xinia Zamora said that the raid aimed to discover if the law firm was aware of the illicit source of money used to buy properties in Costa Rica by a Dutch businessman.

Drug scanners sit unused as drugs pass through Limón port

After at least two significant cocaine seizures from shipping containers in Europe that originated in Costa Rica during 2014, the government has yet to bring online two X-ray scanners donated six years ago at its Limón port.

Costa Rica achieves highest FIFA ranking ever (No. 16) after historic World Cup run

The Ticos jumped up 12 places after reaching the World Cup quarterfinals for the first time. Costa Rica also surpassed Mexico (No. 18) for the first time since the polls started in 1993.

Food and Fútbol: Learning from the Netherlands

In terms of landmass, the Netherlands is smaller than Costa Rica. With only 40,000 square kilometers, the Netherlands is the world’s second largest food exporter, surpassed only by the United States, whose territory is 200 times larger. How'd they do it?

An A-Z guide to Costa Rican football slang: Watch the World Cup final like a Tico

The final mejenga ("match") of the World Cup is set for Sunday afternoon. While La Sele (Costa Rica's national team) won't be playing, you can still watch the game like a Tico with our handy Spanish guide to football slang in Costa Rica.

Sympathetic Dutch celebrate victory in Escazú

Fans of the Netherlands national team wave flags by the side of the highway in Escazú, west of San José. More than 100 people...

Krul Ending: Netherlands’ goalie Tim Krul saves two PKs to eliminate Costa Rica in heartbreaker

Netherlands' goalkeeper Tim Krul saves a penalty during the penalty shootout of the quarterfinal match between the Dutch and Ticos at the Fonte Nova Arena in...

Keylor Navas, Costa Rica holding on early in second half against Netherlands

The Dutch have dominated possession in the first half but the score remains tied early in the second half thanks to the fast-thinking of...

Get fired up: Cool video previews Costa Rica vs. the Netherlands

"A new giant is born…" begins this pretty intense video that will prime you for the Ticos first-ever World Cup quarterfinals match.

Are you ready for Costa Rica vs. the Netherlands? 32 fascinating facts about Tico football

Prepare yourself for La Sele's first-ever quarterfinals match with these 32 facts about Costa Rica football.

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