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Jill Biden says US to increase funding to fight HIV/AIDS in Latin America

The United States will increase aid to Latin America to combat HIV/AIDS, First Lady Jill Biden said on Saturday during a visit to Panama. Biden...

Costa Rica reforms laws to ‘pay off a historic debt’ to protect rights of those with HIV/AIDS

Nearly 4,000 new HIV cases were reported in Costa Rica between 2014 and 2018.

UN official cites violence against Latin women in spread of HIV

"The rise in the number of infections is occurring among young women and gay men, both of whom live in situations of discrimination," Luiz Loures, deputy director of the UNAIDS program, told AFP. 

Costa Rica recorded almost 1,000 new HIV cases last year

Health Ministry officials said authorities are in the process of implementing a program for rapid HIV screening at public hospitals.

‘Pharma Bro’ Shkreli arrested for securities fraud

Happy holidays everybody. Love, the Feds.

Martin Shkreli, ‘price-gouging’ CEO, bankrolled punk label – and his punk-rock friends now hate him

Shkreli's compromise may alleviate the concerns of humanitarians - but punk rock has a longer memory. Collect was founded by Geoff Rickly of the iconic band Thursday, who is known for his leftist politics - and now, his regret for Shkreli's involvement with his label.

HIV and AIDS patients in Costa Rica struggle to find work amid discrimination

Nearly half of all HIV-positive people in Costa Rica are unemployed or not looking for work, according to a recent survey. The results were first published on Nov. 27 amid several events leading up to World AIDS Day on Monday.

Costa Rica’s public hospitals to offer fast HIV screening starting next year

Officials at the Social Security System (Caja) on Thursday confirmed that next year they will begin offering a quick new test for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, that returns results within two hours.

New bill would protect HIV positive employees from workplace discrimination

The bill aims to fortify education and prevention programs among vulnerable populations, including women, and eliminate all discrimination against people based on their HIV status.

45 percent of Ticos think they can get HIV from a mosquito bite, says University of Costa Rica report

A shocking new study from the University of Costa Rica found that over 75 percent of young Costa Ricans surveyed do not know how HIV is transmitted or contracted.

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