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Gustavo Mata

U.S. donates new Coast Guard boats, finances new facilities

The Public Security Ministry (MSP) on Thursday commemorated the delivery of two new boats that were donated to the Coast Guard by the United States.c

With U.S. support, Costa Rica adds new plane to police fleet

The Air Surveillance Service (SVA) of Costa Rica's Public Security Ministry on Monday unveiled a new airplane meant to assist in anti-drug operations. 

Government announces increased security measures to curb recent crime wave

President Luis Guillermo Solís said he is outraged by a shooting at the entrance of a school that left two people dead and a six-year-old wounded.

Men caught with one ton of drugs in Costa Rica allowed to walk free, police say

Even though police said the men were throwing drugs off the boat and into the sea at the sight of officers, they were allowed to walk free after a ruling from a Limón judge.

U.S. Embassy makes donation to support air surveillance operations in Costa Rica

The embassy's donation will fund operations of the ministry's Air Surveillance Service – in particular, the special missions carried out using an aircraft seized from two drug smugglers.

Costa Rica’s police force plans to add 1,000 officers

The passage of a new corporate tax bill, now just one vote away in the Legislative Assembly, would create job openings for 1,000 new police officers in Costa Rica, government officials announced Monday.

Panama and Costa Rica agree to strengthen border security

The countries discussed creating a joint task force made up of police officers from both sides of the border.

Costa Rica fishermen once again arrested as US Coast Guard seizes 2.3 tons of cocaine

The U.S. Coast Guard captured a Costa Rican fishing vessel and arrested three Costa Ricans and one Nicaraguan suspect off the coast of the remote Cocos Island in the Pacific. The boat had 2.3 tons of cocaine on board. The bust went down on Monday with the assistance of local Drug Control Police.

Costa Rican Coast Guard seizes ‘historic’ 4.1 metric tons of cocaine

The Costa Rican Coast Guard seized over 4 metric tons of cocaine off the Pacific coast on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, according to Public Security Minister Celso Gamboa, in what is likely the largest cocaine seizure ever in Costa Rica.

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