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72 hours in Turrialba, Costa Rica 

Turrialba is one of Costa Rica's most underrated vacation destinations. Here's what to do if you have just 72 hours.

Costa Rica’s Guayabo National Monument reopens to tourists after flooding

Post-flooding repairs included tourist trails at the park's main entrance. Some sectors remain closed as park staff are still rebuilding some bridges that fell in late June.

Raiders of the lost tribe: The ruins of Guayabo

The ancient ruins at Guayabo National Monument offer a fascinating glimpse into Costa Rica’s pre-Hispanic culture, where cacique chiefs and powerful shamans ruled over a peaceful agricultural people who were prodigious builders.

Costa Rica’s oldest city reopens to tourists after renovation

Its ruins have been restored and more indigenous structures have been unearthed. And now the ancient site of Guayabo has reopened for visitors.

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