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Leaders from Guatemala and Costa Rica want to attract investments to their countries

In a video released by Casa Presidencial, Giammattei and Costa Rican President Carlos Alvarado discussed their vision of the region's future.

US VP Biden to attend swearing-in of new Guatemala leader

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is to visit Guatemala on January 14 to attend the swearing-in ceremony of comedian-turned-president Jimmy Morales.

Sweeping victory for comedian in Guatemala election

Despite the candidate's large margin of victory, the election was marked by apathy -- only 56 of registered voters cast ballots, according to preliminary results announced Monday.

Corruption-weary Guatemala to choose next president Sunday

After a campaign upended by a massive corruption scandal that felled the former president, Guatemala elects his replacement Sunday in a run-off between a politically inexperienced comedian and a former first lady.

The military powers behind Guatemala’s comedian presidential front-runner

On Oct. 25, comedian Jimmy Morales will face off in a runoff presidential election against populist former first lady Sandra Torres. Some voters see Morales as a candidate who might be a change from Guatemala’s status quo corruption. Others are concerned about his military supporters.

Guatemala presidential candidate quits race alleging fraud

Manuel Baldizón's exit leaves a former first lady to face off against a comedian who made his name playing a simpleton who almost becomes president.

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