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Gas prices

Gasoline prices in Costa Rica continue to rise

The Public Services Regulatory Authority (Aresep) announced, this Friday, an increase of ¢104 per liter for both super gasoline and diesel, as well as...

Rodrigo Chaves announces 4 actions to reduce gas prices in Costa Rica

On Sunday, May 22, Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves announced, though a statement, his government will implement 4 concrete actions to lower fuel prices....

Why is Gas so Expensive in Costa Rica?

Gas prices are the topic of almost everyone's conversations these days. The rising cost of gasoline is on the mass's minds making their way...

Inflation in Costa Rica decreases due to falling fuel prices

Fuels had an important impact on the September price drop, with a 7% reduction in the price of gasoline and 2.35% in diesel.

Gas prices in Costa Rica to drop this week

Prices of premium and regular unleaded gasoline will drop by ₡24 and ₡22 per liter respectively this week, thanks to a new fuel price setting approved by the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP).

Gasoline prices set to drop this week

The new gas prices will be 27 percent cheaper than those in force in October last year, according to ARESEP.

Gas prices to drop in August

A ₡4.74 decrease in per liter prices of Diesel, Super and Plus gasoline is intended to return to the public $2 million spent improperly by RECOPE.

Costa Rica’s oil refinery wants to increase fuel prices – again

Higher fuel prices approved last Friday haven't even gone into effect yet, but that hasn't stopped the National Oil Refinery (RECOPE) from seeking a new hike of ₡9 in the per-liter prices of gasoline and diesel.

Higher gas prices expected this week

The price of a liter of Super gasoline is expected to increase by 5 percent later this week.

Gas prices to go up this week

The Public Services Regulatory Authority approved an increase in fuel prices that will rise per-liter prices of fuel in up to ₡42.

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