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Gas prices

Fuel prices to drop slightly in upcoming month

The Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) on Monday confirmed that there will be a reduction of per-liter prices of gasoline, diesel and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

National Oil Refinery seeks a decrease in fuel prices, likely for September

A ₡5 increase in the per-liter price of fuels approved in July will take effect in coming days, but a recent drop in international oil prices could mean gas prices will go down in September.

Regulatory authority approves drop in fuel prices

A change in the dollar exchange rate has prompted the Public Services Regulatory Authority to approve a decrease in per-liter prices of Costa Rican fuel. But don't celebrate just yet – fuel prices are going back up next month.

Panel warns of Central America’s increasing dependence on Petrocaribe

As Costa Rica debates the pros and cons of joining the Venezuelan oil financing program Petrocaribe, energy experts meeting in Washington warned that countries already addicted to Petrocaribe’s cheap oil could face catastrophe if the Venezuelan economy under President Nicolás Maduro implodes.

Fuel prices to increase again, setting yet another record high in August

Per-liter prices of gasoline will reach record highs again next month following an update in fuel taxes set by the Finance Ministry each quarter.

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