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Composting is gaining popularity in Costa Rican households

According to data from the Directorate of Radiological Protection and Environmental Health, organic waste composting has gained strength in Costa Rican households as a...

5 Easy and Eco Friendly Ways to Improve your Garden Soil

A growing number of concerned farmers and gardeners are changing the way we work with the soil to grow our food. We are now returning to a natural approach to return the gift of soil fertility to the land.

Epsom salts can help boost your Costa Rica garden’s fertility

HOME GARDENING: A simple spray made with magnesium-rich Epsom salts can improve production of tomato plants and other garden vegetables.

6 reasons to start a Garden in Costa Rica

Whether you've got a lot of space or a little, a green thumb or knack for killing plants, "Home Gardening" columnist Ed Bernhardt explains why this is the time to plan your Costa Rican garden.

A Costa Rica gardener’s guide for the early Green Season

HOME GARDENING: June weather is ideal for growing produce in every bioregion of Costa Rica.

What is Pico de Pájaro and How is it Used?

Common Name: Picode pájaro Latin Name: Cassia occidentalis Family: Caesalpinaceae Geo-distribution Pico de pájaro is a pantropical plant found around the world. In Costa Rica it is commonly...

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