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The technology at the heart of the Apple-FBI debate, explained

What if the FBI could force Samsung to covertly turn on the video camera in your smart TV? Or force Google to deliver a malicious security update to your web browser which actually spied on you and transmitted your passwords and other sensitive information back to the FBI?

Italian mafia ‘interested’ in drug trafficking in Costa Rica, says Interpol

Days after Costa Rican authorities arrested seven suspects in connection to an Italian cocaine-smuggling ring, Interpol officers say that mafia groups like the 'ndrangheta are looking to enter the crowded field of drug traffickers in Central America.

U.S. DEA agents had ‘sex parties’ with prostitutes hired by cartels

WASHINGTON D.C. — Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents allegedly had "sex parties" with prostitutes hired by local drug cartels overseas over a period of...

Internet Slang: OMG, the FBI is sooo SOMSW

The Internet is full of strange and bewildering neologisms, which anyone but a text-addled teen would struggle to understand. So the fine, taxpayer-funded people of the FBI — apparently not content to trawl Urban Dictionary, like the rest of us — compiled a glossary of Internet slang.

Peru nabs Costa Rican ‘black widow’ wanted by FBI

Peru’s National Police on Thursday arrested Nazira María Cross, 48, a Costa Rican woman and one of the FBI's most-wanted suspects, on suspicion of murdering her ex-husband in 2008 in California.

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