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Food and Fútbol: Learning from the Netherlands

In terms of landmass, the Netherlands is smaller than Costa Rica. With only 40,000 square kilometers, the Netherlands is the world’s second largest food exporter, surpassed only by the United States, whose territory is 200 times larger. How'd they do it?

Costa Rica’s coffee sector to receive $2 million to improve farming practices

A plan developed jointly by four government agencies along with the Inter-American Development Bank will implement a series of measures for 36 months to grow coffee more efficiently and with less impact on the atmosphere. The measures also could help bring more profits.

Jolt of aid approved for struggling coffee farmers

Six months after President Laura Chinchilla’s government proposed ₡20 billion — roughly $40 million — in aid to Costa Rica’s struggling coffee farmers, the Comptroller General’s Office approved the project, according to a statement last Friday.

‘Black Heart’ in Brazil heat drives coffee turnaround

SÃO PAULO, Brazil – When Fabio Miarelli opened coffee cherries at his 220-acre farm in the Sul de Minas region to examine how the beans inside were developing, he found wilted, rubbery granules half the normal size.

Costa Rica to sell new roya-resistant coffee variety

Coffee experts hope the new variety from Brazil will diversify farmers' plantations to fend off the fungus and improve yields.

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