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Exports 2015

Flower export company relocates to Guatemala

The company blames the country's excessive red tape. It plans to dismiss all 400 employees here.

Costa Rica exports down 16 percent in first six months of 2015; ‘Intel effect’ continues

Intel's exit from Costa Rica last year continues to be the main factor causing negative growth of export products. Exports of services, however, grew for the fourth consecutive year.

Costa Rican companies diversify exports to Chile

Promotion strategies in recent months are attracting Chilean buyers of healthy, zero-calorie, gluten-free, organic and environmentally friendly Tico products, according to Costa Rica’s Foreign Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER).

Costa Rican company begins exporting wood-burning stoves

Many people in Costa Rica's rural areas still use heavy, wood-burning stoves. But they're now becoming a luxury item for preparing meals on special occasions, as well as a collector's item for vintage decoration.

Costa Rican exporters report Route 32 closure cost them an extra $800,000 

The Costa Rican Chamber of Exporters reported that the highway closure increased transport expenses for its associates by up to 30 percent.

Costa Rica increases organic produce exports to Europe

Costa Rica's third country organic accreditation with EU countries allowed local organic producers to send coffee for the first time to Estonia last year, while pineapple producers sold for the first time to France and Switzerland.

Chinese contractor says cost of expanding Route 32 could rise

Prior to the project’s approval by the Legislative Assembly in February various professional and business groups warned that changes to the project would be needed and that those changes would inflate the price tag.

Costa Rica’s exports down by 17 percent in first quarter of 2015

Exports of all goods from the country dropped from $2.8 billion in the first quarter of 2014 to $2.3 billion this year, according to the latest report. The exit of technology giant Intel still is the main factor negatively affecting export figures.

Intel’s exit still affecting Costa Rica export figures

Medical devices now lead national exports and showed a considerable 49.5 percent growth in the first two months of 2015 compared to the same time period last year.

Lawmakers approve Chinese loan for expanding Route 32 to the Caribbean

The loan comes with the condition that the project be developed entirely by a Chinese firm using only Chinese workers.

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