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What Does a Costa Rica Corporations Forgiveness of Dissolution mean?

The dissolution of a corporation is an act that must be approved by the Assembly of Shareholders and must be registered in the Public...

Why is the Cost of Living so high in Costa Rica?

The cost of living in Costa Rica seems prohibitive to many people, in particular expats form north North America who have a fixed income...

Filing U.S. Taxes In Costa Rica? What’s New in 2022 for Americans

As Americans, we have the freedom to live almost anywhere in the world. With its relaxed culture and breathtaking landscapes, Costa Rica is one...

How are Allergies in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is known as the land of eternal springtime, especially in the Central Valley. As most know, springtime is synonymous with the allergy...

The Dharma of Ojochal

It's Friday morning. Within the beautiful landscape of Bali Rica, a local 5 acre property in Ojochal, ex-pats from all over the world gather...

TBT: An oasis for expats in downtown San José

From the 1980s through the early 2000s, San José was an epicenter of entertainment and nightlife for both Costa Ricans and expats.

Great food for local causes: ‘Festival de Vida’ begins in Atenas

Six nonprofit organizations will benefit from proceeds of food sales the festival.

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