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Dollar exchange rate maintains upward trend

The exchange rate of the Costa Rican colón against the dollar increased by ₡10 during the past month, according to official data from the Central Bank...

News briefs: Costa Rica news highlights to start your Wednesday

We hope you're reading this with a delicious Costa Rican coffee or traditional gallo pinto. Here's the Costa Rica (and regional) news you should know on Wednesday, October 28.

Costa Rica enforces new methodology for calculating dollar exchange rate

The change in the calculation methodology is possible since the Central Bank now has online information on all exchange transactions performed each day.

Dollar exchange rate down following Central Bank’s intervention announcement

The selling price of the dollar at the country’s banks on Thursday fell ₡4 from ₡598.49 to ₡594.47. The average purchase price closed at ₡581.71.

Dollar exchange rate reaches highest price in seven years

President Luis Guillermo Solís on Thursday ruled out meeting with Central Bank officials to intervene in their dollar exchange rate policies.

Dollar exchange rate maintains slight upward trend this year

An increase in transactions from businesses that exchange dollar investments into colones to pay taxes drove fluctuations in dollar prices in the past four months.

Consumer optimism remains low in Costa Rica

A majority of consumers surveyed expect increases in interest rates on bank loans, in the dollar exchange rate and in fuel prices during the coming year.

Will Donald Trump’s victory affect Costa Rica’s economy?

The consensus among Costa Rican government officials: Donald Trump could certainly effect Costa Rica's economy, but the jury's out until he announces his policies.

Costa Rican colón dips against US dollar

The Costa Rican currency, the colón, has been on a slow slide against the the U.S. dollar during the last several months but analysts say it’s unlikely to fall much farther.

Venezuela’s currency collapses 30 percent on black market

The stunning collapse of Venezuela's bolivar in black market trading this month -- it fell to as low as 423 bolivars per dollar from 279 at the start of the month -- has left Venezuelans scratching their heads, with many wondering why it has sunk below the value of gold and hard currency the central bank has to back it.

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