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After Greece’s apparent ‘No’ to bailout terms, Germany and France call for a eurozone summit on Greece

There are no explicit provisions in EU rules for summits of eurozone leaders, but they can be held in exceptional circumstances.

Euro holds steady after Greece defaults

TOKYO, Japan – The euro held steady in Asia on Wednesday as traders shrugged off the widely expected default by Greece, with focus now turning to the weekend's referendum, which could determine the country's eurozone future.

Global markets fall as Greece closes banks and twin defaults loom

U.S. stocks faced their worst day of the year on Monday, with the Dow Jones industrial average plunging 350 points. It was part of a sell-off that spanned three continents after negotiations between Greece and its creditors broke down over the weekend and Athens closed the nation's banks.

Puerto Rico’s governor says Washington must help with staggering debt

Groaning under at least $73 billion in debt, Puerto Rico — which is being called "America's Greece" — is staggering down a path towards default, a scenario that could ripple across cities and states that depend on bonds for building everything from schools to stadiums.

What if there’s no deal on rescuing Greece by June 30 deadline?

The question is whether investors should get worried or if it's just another date in the calendar that government leaders and creditors will work around.

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