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Enrique Castillo

Costa Rica concerned by Nicaragua’s interest in boosting its military, says minister

Costa Rica's Foreign Minister Manuel González Sanz on Thursday expressed concern over the country's chilly relations with the Sandinista administration of Daniel Ortega to the north. González spoke about Costa Rica-Nicaragua relations during a two-hour hearing at the Legislative Assembly’s International Affairs Commission.

Costa Rica’s foreign minister accuses Russia of helping militarize Nicaragua

“Russia is facilitating armaments for Nicaragua, [including] ships, and they have discussed the purchase of aircraft and other types of armaments. I fear trouble,” Enrique Castillo said in an interview with the daily La Nación, published Sunday.

Controversial US micro-blog targeting Cuban regime operated clandestinely out of Costa Rica, angering officials

The daily La Nación reported on Tuesday that the U.S. Embassy in San José operated the covert program ZunZuneo behind the Costa Rican government’s back, neglecting to inform the Foreign Ministry and other government officials of the program's true intentions. U.S. Embassy officials say Costa Rica was informed.

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