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Electricity rates

Ombudsman’s Office opposes hikes in electricity rates for CNFL

The Ombudsman's Office called the hike petition excessive and said it would affect both households and businesses.

Reduced electricity rates this year? Don’t hold your breath

ICE Executive President Carlos Obregón and CNFL General Manager Víctor Solís will have to appear before a Legislative Assembly committee to explain the impact of the agencies' investments on electricity rates.

Regulator approves decrease in electricity rates for next quarter

The change in electricity tariffs will vary by company, but the average decrease will be 5.41 percent.

Regulator approves decrease in electricity rates

The onset of Costa Rica's rainy season and the launch of two renewable energy projects have prompted a decrease in electricity rates for the next quarter.

Electricity rates to go up starting July

The Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) announced Tuesday that electricity rates for all but one of the country's electricity providers will go up starting next month.

Regulatory Authority approves lower electricity rates except for San José, Cartago residents

Electricity rates in Costa Rica will be up to 5 percent cheaper for customers of six of the country’s eight main suppliers thanks to abundant renewable energy.

Electricity rates for ICE customers to drop in January

The public services regulator approved a 6.7 percent cut in electricity rates for customers of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute starting in January.

Electricity rates to rise 19 percent in January

The Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) approved an increase in electricity rates which, while only half the percentage increase requested by Costa Rica's National Power and Light Company (CNFL), is still a huge jump.

Deadline approaching for Costa Rica to set distributed generation fees

Bright sunshine isn’t anything new to Costa Rica, but broad, consumer-based distributed generation solar power soon will be, following the recent publication of an executive decree on the issue.

Electricity rates: regulator says drop ’em, utility companies say raise ’em

The Public Services Regulatory Authority is evaluating a general cut in electricity rates starting next month, but three public utility companies have filed requests to raise them.

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