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El Salvador civil war

El Salvador President promises to “step up war” against gangs

El Salvador's president, Nayib Bukele, announced on Tuesday that he will step up the "war" against gangs after the murder of three policemen during...

Remembering the Jesuits: Seeking justice in El Salvador

In the early morning hours of Thursday, Nov. 16, 1989, a squad of the elite counter-insurgency unit of the Salvadoran Army, the Atlacatl Battalion,...

Hoping for justice, El Salvador unearths bones from its deadliest massacre

The Salvadoran civil war ended on January 16, 1992 and left more than 75,000 dead and missing.

El Salvador arrests 4 military officials over civil war Jesuit killings

Authorities in El Salvador have arrested four of 17 former military officials wanted by Spain over the killing of six Jesuit priests during this country's civil war in 1989.

El Salvador to arrest soldiers accused of 1989 priest murders

El Salvador has vowed to arrest 17 retired soldiers accused of killing six Jesuit priests and two women in 1989.

The pen against the swords: Author Jorge Galán seeks asylum after threats in El Salvador

On Sunday, Nov. 1, as he was heading home around noon, poet and novelist Jorge Galán was confronted by two men who threatened him verbally and then drew a weapon. According to Galán, this was not the first time he had been threatened since the publication of his new novel, “Noviembre,” just two weeks earlier by Mexico’s Planeta Press.

Jemera Rone, dogged human rights researcher in conflict zones, dies at 72

Having spent years in El Salvador for the human rights group Americas Watch, Rone became known for her intrepid and meticulous work as she visited remote sites across the war zone, gathering evidence of abuses by death squads and trying to dispel false reports intended to bolster U.S. financing for right-wing, anti-Sandinista forces in nearby Nicaragua.

El Salvador’s ‘voice of the voiceless’ beatified

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Cheers rang from a crowd of hundreds of thousands Saturday as former Archbishop Óscar Romero, whose defense of the poor and repressed divided both his nation and the Church, was beatified.

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