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Moderate earthquake felt in Costa Rica on Wednesday morning

Epicenters located in the Nicoya Peninsula, Guanacaste.

Costa Rican government: $50 million estimated for repairs after Nicoya earthquake

Most public institutions are using their own funds.

Two earthquakes felt in Guanacaste on Sunday

No damage reported at the time.

Chinchilla announces more earthquake relief plans

Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla reiterated Tuesday that administration priorities are repairing social infrastructure and roadways.

Twin Earthquakes: The Unusual Phenomenon of Costa Rica’s Seismic Past

Costa Rica sits in one of the most seismically active regions in the world and certainly is no stranger to the rumblings of earthquakes....

Costa Rican officials: A strong earthquake could still occur in Guanacaste

Experts confirmed the Sept. 5 magnitude-7.6 earthquake was the ‘Big One’ they’ve been expecting, but the fault rupture was only of 50 percent.

Following 7.6-magnitude earthquake, 1,200 aftershocks hit Costa Rica

The strongest aftershock, registering a 5.4-magnitude, was felt at 2:29 pm. Saturday.

Costa Rica earthquake could’ve been worse

In 1991, a magnitude-7.6 earthquake devastated the country. On Wednesday, another temblor of the same magnitude hit causing much less damage. What saved Costa Rica this time?

Earthquake damage reports

A report from the Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica on Thursday morning registered 530 aftershocks, ranging between a magnitude of 2 and 5.1.

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