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Dry law

Four cantons will enforce dry law during Holy Week

Four of Costa Rica’s 82 municipalities have confirmed that they will prohibit the sale of alcohol during Holy Week.

Amid Holy Week traffic, four highways temporarily waive toll fees

A total of 743 Traffic Police officers are conducting surveillance operations at checkpoints along the roads to the most popular tourist destinations.

Only 17 cantons will enforce dry law during Holy Week

Business owners who disobey the dry law will face fines of up to 10 base salaries, or ₡4.2 million (some $7,500).

Administrative Court bans dry law during holidays

Costa Rica municipalities can no longer ban the sale of alcohol during religious and other holidays except for Holy Thursday and Good Friday, a court ruled.

Fewer cantons to enforce dry law during Easter holidays

The National Union of Local Governments (UNGL) reported that as of Monday only 18 of the country’s 81 cantons will prohibit the sale of alcohol during Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

Few cantons will enforce Costa Rica’s dry law during the municipal elections

Of a total of 81 cantons in Costa Rica, only six will enforce a ban on alcohol sales during upcoming municipal elections on Sunday, according to the National Union of Local Governments. That's just over 7 percent.

No booze allowed during Holy Week in 27 cantons

Representatives of the main tourism business chambers are not happy with municipalities that plan to enforce the ban.

National Tourism Chamber to municipalities: Let people drink during the election and Easter Holy Week, please!

The National Tourism Chamber has sent a letter to all 81 Costa Rican municipalities asking them to “exercise their autonomy and not apply the prohibition of alcohol sales” on Sunday, April 6, the day of Costa Rica's presidential runoff election, and during Easter Holy Week, which this year runs from April 13-20.

6 things you should know about Sunday’s elections in Costa Rica

On Feb. 2, Costa Ricans will head to the polls to elect a new president and members of the Legislative Assembly. Though non-citizens can't vote, Election Day is still an exciting civic event for anyone in the country. Here are a few facts you should know.

Costa Rica’s tourism sector opposes ‘dry law’ on Election Day

The National Tourism Chamber wants to eliminate a law that allows municipalities to ban alcohol sales during Election Day next Sunday (also Super Bowl Sunday).

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