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Health officials alarmed by increase in marijuana use among young Ticos

A study by the Adolescents Clinic at the National Children's Hospital conducted among 3,373 high school students in the Greater Metropolitan Area indicates that the number of marijuana users increased from 1 percent in 1991 to 10 percent in 2006 and to 15 percent last year, reported the Social Security System, or Caja.

DEA tip leads to seizure of 710 kilos of cocaine in Guanacaste

Acting on a tip from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Costa Rican Drug Control Police seized over 700 kilograms of cocaine Thursday and arrested four suspects.

Police burn more than 38,000 marijuana plants found in Talamanca

This might be one of those times when you do want to stand downwind.

President of Guatemala calls Costa Rica’s Solís a ‘strategic partner’ to change drug debate

Solís reiterated his previous position that he does not support drug legalization, but the Costa Rican leader expressed interest in further "decriminalizing" drug use in Costa Rica.

Mexico to purge corrupt cops in violent state

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico – Mexico's government decided Tuesday to increase military control over security in the northeastern border state of Tamaulipas and purge corrupt police to reverse a surge in drug cartel violence.

Golfito fishermen caught with 2 tons of cocaine show up for appeal, get 6 months preventive detention

Last week, we reported on a curious story of three Costa Rican fishermen who were nabbed with almost two tons of cocaine near the southern Pacific port city of Golfito. Then-Public Security Minister Mario Zamora called the arrest "the most important [drug] seizure in years."

The good, the bad and the ugly of President Chinchilla’s security legacy

For an administration that was largely weighed down by scandal and perceived mismanagement, public security has ended up as President Laura Chinchilla’s most likely legacy for Costa Rica.

276 people arrested so far during Semana Santa

Not everyone in Costa Rica is taking the holy part of Semana Santa all that seriously.

Costa Rica to confront drug trafficking, illegal fishing with new radar system

PUERTO CALDERA, Puntarenas – Before departing on her epic, day-long boat ride to Costa Rica's far-flung ocean territory, Isla del Coco, President Laura Chinchilla stopped off at the Caldera Coast Guard base for the inauguration of the island's new radar system.

Costa Rican Coast Guard captures fast boat with 1.3 tons of cocaine

Costa Rican authorities discovered more than 1.3 tons of cocaine off the coast of Matapalo, Puntarenas, near the Panamanian border, after four suspected Colombian drug traffickers tried to dump their cargo overboard Tuesday evening, according to Martín Arias, head of the Coast Guard.

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