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First big drug busts of 2020 nab nearly one metric ton of cocaine off Costa Rican shores

Much of the drug that arrives in the United States and Europe leaves the producing countries of South America and transits through Central America, including Costa Rica.

Costa Rican authorities seize 954 kilos of cocaine from Europe-bound ship

The drugs had been concealed in a load of banana pulp.

Three Colombians detained in Costa Rica with 1.4 metric tons of cocaine

The intercepted ship was taken to the port of Quepos, in the South Pacific, where the ship was subjected to an inspection.

Costa Rica seizes 2.5 tons of cocaine in two operations

Costa Rican authorities seized 2.5 tons of cocaine in two separate operations carried out on the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines

Authorities seize nearly a ton of marijuana, 100 kg of cocaine

Authorities found 1,246 packages of marijuana on the beach totaling 947 kilos. 

Costa Rica seizes 771 kilos of cocaine in two police operations

Costa Rica and other Central American countries serve as a bridge for drug trafficking from South American countries to the United States and Europe.

Men caught with one ton of drugs in Costa Rica allowed to walk free, police say

Even though police said the men were throwing drugs off the boat and into the sea at the sight of officers, they were allowed to walk free after a ruling from a Limón judge.

Five Costa Ricans caught with 600 kilos of cocaine off Colombian coast

Five Costa Rica men were busted on board the Éxito 1 ship that was hauling 626 kilograms of cocaine on Thursday in Colombian waters.

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