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In Brazil, a 290-million-year-old forest is discovered

A team of researchers discovered a fossilized upright forest estimated to be 290 million years old in southern Brazil, considered a "window to the...

20 New Orchid Species Found in Costa Rica’s Protected Wildlife Areas

Costa Rica is home to a distinct variety of orchids. So much so that Costa Rica's national flower is the Guaria Morada orchid. ...

The mysteries of the tinker bell wasp, one of smallest bugs ever discovered

“They don’t fly like birds, but probably swim through the air like a fish,” researcher John Noyes said.

This gross discovery may make you rethink your obsession with sloths

Over the past few years the sloth has turned into the celebrity of the animal kingdom. But while the animal may look adorable in a meme on your computer screen, a new biological theory reveals just how un-cute a real life sloth would probably be to most of its fan base.

277 terrifying new species of parasitic wasps discovered in Costa Rica

Researchers suspect 50-100 more could be added to the list.

5 Costa Rican frogs that came back from suspected extinction and 1 that didn’t

After mass declines in populations in Costa Rica, scientists now have some hope for many of these tiny amphibians.

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