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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here’s the chemistry that makes your beer taste good (or bad)

In a recent study, researchers found that more layers of foam on top of a liquid make it less likely to spill. So going with some hearty traditional beer may be good for more than just your holiday spirit. It could keep your clothes dry, too, as you get tipsier.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica: Rough Edges and Rich Culture

Puerto Viejo isn’t for everyone. If you need your beach vacation to be peppered with air conditioned rooms and restaurants; if you can’t comfortably share your room with the occasional gecko; if you get upset over spotty internet and power outages, then you might be better off visiting somewhere else. But if you can accept Puerto Viejo for its flaws, it will accept you and yours.

Treintaycinco craft brewery opens doors to public

Craft beer lovers in Costa Rica have a new place to imbibe while mingling with kindred spirits, listening to great music and trying out...

Pacific coast craft beer La Selva hits San José

You hear it all the time: Some bearded guy from Oregon decides to brew beer. He loves beer. He loves gastropubs. He reads all...

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